Are You Using Technology to Help You Stay Clean? Why Not?

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The Apps that Can Save You From Relapse

Apps that keep you clean Getting clean and staying clean are what these recovery related phone apps were created to help you accomplish. Just as there is no “one way” to achieve sobriety, this selection of different apps will not work for everyone. You will however, be able to use this list to aid you in shortcutting the selection and testing of these wonderfully thoughtful addiction recovery applications.

Simulate Facial Deterioration App

girl using iceeffexWant to give a young person a “healthy fear” of what drugs (specifically meth in this app) will do to their complexion and facial features? The Ice Effex App is currently very popular, especially amongst the youth, because it’s very visual, creepy, albeit a bit sensationalized. This app has made it possible to see what you would look like after months or even years in active meth addiction. This is a great tool to help shape the conscious of drugs, especially because it can be very difficult for people considering trying drugs to foresee the long term consequences in a way that is so illustrative and personal. Danielle Stewart, a writer at, has taken the time to compile the following apps:

Recovery Literature

12 Step Companion (iPhone, Android)­ – $1.99

Cover artIt is kind of a must-have for anyone who is sober through 12-step as it provides quick access to the entire Big Book (complete with Forwards to the first and second edition, The Doctor’s Opinion and the personal stories), appendices discussing the Spiritual Experience, the AA Tradition and both the short and long form of the 12 Traditions, prayers (morning, evening, one correlated to each step, St. Francis and the Serenity Prayer), the Promises (one for every step!) and AA’s Preamble, which is very handy if you want to conduct a meeting on the fly.

Sobriety Tracker

Recovery Elevator (iPhone, Android) – $.99

Cover artElevator, who also run a website, host a podcast and organize sober social meet-ups, this clever little app not only keeps track of how long you are sober but it also calculates how much money you have saved not drinking (or whatever you are tracking).


Happify (iPhone, Android) – FREE

Cover artHappify is chock full of inspiring games and activities that help manage daily stress and anxiety. While everyone can benefit from a little Happifyness in their lives, alcoholics and addicts are certainly at the front of the line (not because they need it more, per se, but because they got there early and secured their spot).

Social Connection

MOBER (iPhone, Android) – FREE

Cover artConnect with other sober people locally and worldwide using all the social media features we love, with a twist! Profiles include common buddies, sobriety dates, affiliated program, interests, activities, endorsements and the ability to post video and audio mini-shares.

Doing The Work

Spot Check Inventory (iPhone only) – $.99

The Spot Check Inventory app nudges you to do just that so you can see your part and right any wrongs. Or just see your part and then do nothing but stew on it for months until you wake up one morning hating life and don’t know why, at which point you can reflect back on that inventory and make things right. See the rest of the apps on Danielle Stewart’s original article…

Sober Grid – Connecting People in Recovery Because You’re Not Alone

sober grid Lastly, a relatively new app called Sober Grid aims to connect sober people in recovery.

It provides tools for those recovering from alcohol and drug addiction to connect with other sober people by users’ locations. Users can message each other and post updates on a news feed. The app has a nearly perfect 5-star rating on iTunes. The app is a creation of CEO Beau Mann. He said he thought of the idea one year while visiting the Sundance Film Festival. While waiting for friends, he wanted a way to connect with other people in the area. “We didn’t have a app that was location-based to help you connect with sober people,” Mann said. Read more…


People in recovery will often refer to the knowledge and skills they have gained while in recovery as being their “tool box”. By using these apps, you can increase the size of your recovery tool box. Please comment and let us know if you have found an app that you like, that has helped you stay free from your addiction.


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